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Enterprise applications are increasingly gaining prominence in today’s business situations. With more emphasis on making most of web applications, technology is driving innovation across channels to entice end consumers. From more function rich browsers, advanced tool kits for developers to front end tools for ready application deployment, the gap has reduced across years with advent of advanced platforms, AngularJS is one such medium which has come as a boon to the developer society. Today, pre-defined libraries are supported across modern frameworks to guide developers with complex requirements in a matter of seconds. The entire paradigm is evolving like never before. As an organization of the modern age, you should not be stuck with legacy technology; AngularJS development services from Elevate Foster Solutions India will help you walk that extra mile!

What is AngularJS Development Services?

AngularJS is a powerful JavaScript framework which helps in development of exceptional user interfaces. With the help of declarative programming, software components can be written easily to build powerful yet complex client-facing web applications. The end applications are light, powerful and rich in functions; they eliminate the need to refresh the complete webpage for accessing updated content. This leads to superior user experience – all powered with AJAX at the backbone.. AJAX also supports frameworks like Ember.js, backbone.js and knockout.js . This helps developers in manipulating DOM and loading its data to replace one view with another to deliver seamless navigation among different views to end users.

By stitching the traditional server side templates into the browser itself, AngularJS eases the job of the server to just host templates and provide data APIs. MVVM/MV* architecture moves a heavy chunk of presentation and user interaction code into the browser, thereby, keeping the code organized.

Why should you opt for AngularJS Development Services?

When it comes to web browsers, developers do not have much choice.

Talking about JavaScript, User Interface is a major concern. JavaScript is not a good choice for programs involving a lot of click handlers, or one-off listeners. The highly sought Google Web Toolkit, for building and optimizing complex browser-based applications is also Java enabled. So what do developers have?

AngularJS Development Services is the way to go. Formulated on JavaScript, Angular supports modern user interfaces. with core web technologies. It makes creating apps easier while it also ensures strict adherence to standards. inbuilt pre-defined templates and code libraries makes debugging and coding easier- so your developers can focus on business issue and requirements rather than hard technical coding.

With Angular, you can build light applications This is achieved by drastically reducing number of lines of code. This leads to a resulting fast, simple yet effective web application.

Angular supports two-way data binding. It also gives a lot of directives (built-in as well as third party) and ready-to-use codes for quick development of apps and prototypes. Loading partials, changing views and modifying URLs and other memory management tasks can be performed easily. With dependency injection at its core, Angular makes application testability a no time- effort task!

Overall, Angular is a versatile framework which delivers dynamic capacity to scale and usability to extract web application potential to the fullest.

Advantages of AngularJS Development Services

With AngularJS, you can be rest assured of the following benefits:

  • Easy Development – With the Node.js at the backend, Angular simplifies JQuery calls. This helps in testing more designs easily and making wise user interface design decisions without external dependencies. Developers can check the code simultaneously while the design process is being executed.
  • Simplified architecture – Ready to use functions and predefined libraries make Angular JS architecture simple, especially with management of heavy web applications that contain number of components and complex requirements.
  • Low Turnaround time – Powered by HTML, AngularJS development takes less time to code. New web applications can be developed with less effort in a matter of minutes.
  • Enhanced development efficiency – With less number of lines of code, applications developed in AngularJS are light. This also enables developers to focus more on the efficiency of the application instead of writing just codes.

Angular JS also helps developers with localization; reusable HTML components and MVC design pattern accelerates development process. It comes with complete unit as well as e2e testing environment

At Elevate Foster Solutions India, we have a team of experts who provide years of expertise and domain experience in delivering the following AngularJS related services:

  • Filters & Directives
  • Form Validation
  • Templates
  • Internationalization
  • Controllers and Routes
  • HTML Views
  • Data Binding
  • Scope changes
  • Scope changes and debugging
  • Streamlining server communication

Our team has extensive experience of working on web applications across domains and industries- retail, healthcare, manufacturing, finance, technology and much more. We follow a project management approach to ensure quality solutions delivered within timelines to our esteemed customer base.

Come and partner with us for taking your web applications to the next level of efficient development.

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