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The development of enterprise software applications has gained prominence with businesses across the globe. Increasingly, businesses are focusing on technology to drive efficiency in processes involved in everyday activity. Web and mobile applications are flooding customers in order to drive business. In the face of the above, businesses are increasingly focusing on modern and responsive applications to talk to their customers. With evolution of technology every second, at this point in time, MVC JavaScript and UI frameworks have become the new code rulers. There are thousands of JavaScript frameworks catering to different needs in the market today. The Key lies in utilizing complete framework capabilities so as to minimize development time and effort and save development costs.

Ember JS development services is one such name which has taken on the world by surprise! Built for enhancing productivity, its core framework offers user-friendly API.

At Elevate Foster Solutions India, we help our clients by utilizing our years of experience of working with multiple JS frameworks, making us a trusted partner for our customers. Elevate Foster Solutions India leverages its JavaScript expertise to decide which framework to use for specific user case.

What is EmberJS Development Services?

Ember.js is an advanced, open source JavaScript/HTML5 web application framework delivering rich, single page front end web applications with desktop-like design and user experience. EmberJS had sprung out from the JavaScript Model View Controller framework called SproutCore. It has been designed and developed by Yehuda Katz, Tom Dale and Ember community contributors. Ember.js development services supports scale and rich features like two way data binding, automatically updated templates using Handlerbar.js, common idioms and router to manage application state.

The whole architecture of EmberJS development services is based on routes, controllers, views, templates and models and their interaction with each other. Following are the individual components in brief:

  • Model – Applications developed on EmberJS can easily handle n number of users. Each user and corresponding user information is treated as a model – a part of the overall database!
  • Controllers– Controllers are the primary inter-linkages between the model and template views. They fetch the model through the route and then formulate strategy to pass them to the view. These controllers can be auto generated by applications developed on EmberJS; making the task of developers easy and hassle free.
  • Views – This refers to the section on the web application which users browse and view on the OS browser. These views are all connected to framework components such as Controllers, Route and templates for work around purposes. Reusable code, views and other components makes EmberJS particularly easy and a favorite amongst developers.
  • Router – Like navigating through roads, EmberJS implementation requires routes and is facilitated by corresponding routers. These routers contain the application objects’ URL representation; they are the carrier of the route- which in turn queries the model from their respective hooks. This is presented to the controller in the application template later.
  • Components – These pieces help in creation of reusable controls in a matter of efforts. Components can handle user interactions easily. Handlebars templates define the interface of these components which is then stored in a JavaScript class of the component.
  • Templates– They refer to the user interface in the Ember JS framework. Templates in EmberJS are defined with the Handlebars language. Expressions can be then added in standard HTML markup. Model is connected to each template to support data and binding mechanism. Templates can auto update themselves as well, making user experience unique.
Salient features of Ember.js Development Services
  • Resourceful apps can be developed easily using Developer friendly APIs
  • EmberJS needs developers to code less; EmberJS’ Handlebar templates can be used. The underlying data gets transformed simultaneously, making the process fast.
  • EmberJS routes facilitate development of JavaScript apps easily without breaking the web. Developers can easily build multipage JavaScript applications carrying great URL support.
  • Waste of efforts in repeating tasks is eliminated- common idioms focused on special integrations helps in elimination of repeated brainstorming
  • Models can be easily fetched with jQuery

EmberJS is very useful while migrating from HTML to Canvas, or any other technology. It presents a clean and consistent application development model to deliver “component”, “template views” that are easy to understand, create and update. From dynamic HTML templates, jQuery libraries to auto updating template features, EmberJS is completely flexible and versatile.

Why EmberJS Development Services

Designed with focus on conventional development style, EmberJS is easy to code and overcomes the drawbacks of traditional coding style. Framework approach helps graph major chunk of coding by itself. Its USP lies in automatic generation of controllers, making the task of developers easy!

However, it’s not just how fast you code, but it’s also about performance! EmberJS development services has the capability to precompile the Handlebars template in the core, making the application load and run faster.

At Elevate Foster Solutions India, we have a team of trained professionals specializing in developing applications on EmberJS. Project managers ensure proper compilation of business requirements from the clients and suggest alternatives. The best solution is developed and delivered to our customers within pre-agreed timelines.

Come and partner with us to witness the difference!

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