HTML5 Development

With the rapid advent of technology, internet penetration and shrinking size of devices, people are increasingly accessing content on the web using their mobile phones. These multitudes of devices have their own configuration, which in turn may or may not be suited for native browser based websites.

With billions of businesses having billions of websites online, it has become imperative to attract online browsers to ones website and hold visitor attention. This calls for an interactive and visually appealing design and implementation of websites. This should be accompanied with dynamic content suited to the visitors needs.

To address these issues, HTML5 Development Services (5th revision of the language of the World Wide Web: the Hypertext Markup Language) was released to build responsiveness, thus, allowing web to run on both computers as well as devices with smaller screen. In short, HTML5 Development Services ensures compatibility of web content across mobile platforms and all browsers on the PC.

What is HTML5 Development Services?

HTML5 is an advanced version of the parent HTML language. It is a markup language offering the latest web platform development functionalities. Bringing together the best of HTML and XHTML for powerful and interactive designing, it is widely used for structuring the web based content with its enhanced multimedia capabilities including video, audio and other media; including plug-ins with a predefined syntax.

HTML5 Development Services are cross platform and compatible with all major mobile applications like Android, Windows Mobile Devices, iPad, iPhone etc. and browsers like FireFox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari etc. It is widely used in conjunction with CSS3 for dynamic visual effects and compatibility on all mobile devices. From simple versions to complex, media rich websites, HTML5 is versatile and offers the best platform for designing interactive and fast websites.

HTML5 provides a host of user as well as developer friendly features such as offline web applications, great semantics, advanced client-server communication channels, embedded video, improved context menu and audio tags, direct-mode graphics canvas, scoped styling etc. It is a highly admired development platform amongst most IT giants.

At Elevate Foster Solutions India, we have been developing responsive and interactive website which are high on performance. All this is done on HTML5 Development Services. Having worked with the earlier versions of HTML, our teams understand the entire feature set in and out, and make sure that they leverage the enhancements in HTML5 and pass on its benefits to our clients in the form of their websites.

Under HTML5 development, we offer following:

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Apps
  • Widget
  • Themes
  • Stores

Salient Features of HTML5

  • Optimized website performance with hyper-threading: Open instances are treated as separate threads. Web applications running on heavy threads hence, do not affect other running applications, thereby, optimizing website performance.
  • Rich with application elements: Incorporation of various video elements has eliminated reliance on third party proprietary plug-ins or flash. All one needs to do is to embed a code to a video.
  • Interactive Canvassing based websites: HTML5 allows dynamic content showcase with canvassing feature with using any external plug-ins. This renders images and graphics alike unlike earlier websites which only supported static images along with text hovering over them.
  • Supports next gen web apps: With HTML5, businesses can now store web applications locally in application cache. This makes access to the applications fast and easy, without having the user connect to the internet.
  • Multimedia integration – Audio, video and canvas elements can be integrated easily.

Advantages of using HTML5 for Web Development

  • High performance with faster load times
  • Supports responsive websites which can self adapt across screen sizes on PCs, laptops, smartphone and other handheld devices
  • Fully compatible with all mobile operating systems namely, Mac, Android, Windows, Blackberry or Symbian
  • Easy to integrate with third party applications
  • Can integrate easily with GPS for location specific content. This helps in enhanced user experience with product/service delivery and higher revenues to businesses

We, at Elevate Foster Solutions India, have been delivering some of the most innovative and high performance website to our clients for years. We house the best talent in the industry- certified and highly experienced professionals with experience of delivering successful website implementations across industries like retail, healthcare, hospitality, logistics, ecommerce and much more.

At Elevate Foster Solutions India, we provide a plethora of services in HTML5 development including:

  • Web Development on HTML5
  • HTML5 Application Development
  • HTML5 Application Development on iPad and iPhone
  • Android Application Development on HTML5
  • HTML5 Web Design

We follow a project management approach to ensure delivery of quality projects on stipulated timelines. We ensure constant interactions and feedback sessions with our customers through online and offline mediums round the clock. Our experts work with our clients to deliver the best solutions using agile development methodology.

Come, partner with us to deliver the next generation user experience to your online prospects.

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