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As the digital revolution spreads its arms across the globe and more and more people come under its ambit, businesses motivated by generating revenues are increasingly targeting customers with personalized products and communications. Visually appealing and technologically advanced applications on web and mobile platforms have become a trend.

At Elevate Foster Solutions India, we help businesses create customized web and mobile applications for their businesses. This is developed on latest technology platforms using specialized tools like jQuery.

What is jQuery Development Services?

JQuery is an open source Javascript library supporting cross-browser and object oriented features. It can be easily integrated with any web technology and provides rich user interface design widgets and plug-ins like modal dialog, tabs, accordions and effects like shake, slide etc. With jQuery, users can easily navigate through documents, create animations, select DOM element and implement AJAX applications faster. JQuery lends support to CSS selectors, Ajax support to event delegation, namespaced events etc.

Using CSS and XPath selectors, jQuery addresses DOM objects and provides an easy to code and flexible environment to developers for easy integration across different browsers. It also provides interfaces for AJAX-applications, event handlers and simple animations.

JQuery User Interface comes with four components:

  • Core User Interface – Widgets, interactions and effects compose this layer.
  • Interactions – Elements can be easily selected, dragged and dropped
  • Widgets – This comprises user interface elements like tabs, dialogs, slider etc.
  • Effects – Effects like slide, highlight, shake etc can be added to an element.

jQuery is especially famous in the developer community for its mobile development support using jQuery Mobile. jQuery Mobile is a touch optimized web framework based on HTML5/ CSS3. This User Interface system was created with the purpose for providing a framework for creating responsive web apps and websites which are fully compatible with a range of smartphones, tablets and handheld devices and works fine across all major mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, PhoneGap, WebOS, Blackberry, and Symbian etc.

jQuery provides awesome features like minimal scripting, speed optimization and clean URLs. It also provides capabilities for developing plug-ins on top of the library JavaScript. This helps developers in easy creation of abstractions for low-level interaction and animation to create high-level effects and create powerful and dynamic web pages.

Advantages of using jQuery Development Services

  • Enhanced developer productivity: With a well designed Javascript code, jQuery enables developers write reusable, simple and effective codes. This requires minimalistic efforts and increases developer productivity.
  • Quick results: Ease of using AJAX functionality ensures faster results with optimum usage of codes. The results are yielded much faster compared to traditional Javascript frameworks. Codes are executed faster with greater efficiency due to low RAM consumption achieved by utilizing lightweight footprint
  • Compatible and modern: jQuery is highly compatible with different animation modes and several other latest CSS3 technologies. This helps developers with ample opportunities for developing applications with seamless integration of latest technologies

Features of JQuery Development Services

  • An abstraction layer facilitates cross-browser support in jQuery. This makes it compatible and easy to run on all browsers
  • Dynamic content changes like element insertion can be made easily to the HTML document
  • jQuery eliminates the need for writing iteration statements or loops for applying a style or action on a set of elements by implementing the concept of “sets”
  • Effects like shaking, fading, zoom etc. can be added to all DOM elements.
  • Functions like $.get(), $.post(), $,ajax() and others help in successful retrieval of information from the server without having to post back or refresh the page again
  • jQuery supports the concept of “Chaining”. As a result, a method returns an object all the time. This, in turn, drastically reduces the usage of temporary variables.
  • DOM elements can be manipulated easily and in an efficient manner by running the selector syntax
  • A highly extensible platform, developers can create their own plug-ins and run on top of the jQuery layer
  • jQuery development can be learnt easily and quickly as its syntax is based on CSS selectors.

At Elevate Foster Solutions India, we specialize in providing application development services on jQuery. Our portfolio of jQuery Development services includes:

  • Website design and creation
  • Web application development
  • Speed optimization
  • Mobile apps design and development
  • Custom themes design and development
  • Query

Our expert teams use an assortment of jQuery tools and technologies to develop a responsive and intuitive website and app experience. This includes jQuery Mobile stencils for OmniGraffle, zApp 3.0, bookmarklet, Viso and jQuery Mobile Reference 1.1.0. Not only features, our developers are adept at great designs and make efficient utilization of jQuery Theme roller, Codiqa, Eclipe, FireQuery, and QUnit to deliver visually appealing highly customized websites and applications. All our mobile applications have cross browser and cross platform compatibility and deliver unique and memorable user experience.

At Elevate Foster Solutions India, our talent is our strength. We have a team of skilled professionals with years of experience of developing and delivering successful projects on jQuery across different industries like Retail, healthcare, hospitality, ecommerce and many others.

Come, partner with us to gift industry leading and visually appealing web applications to your business.

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