Mobile App Development Services

At Elevate Foster Solutions, we ensure that you reap the maximum benefits out of the mobile channel. All our applications and services above are powered by advanced technology platforms providing milestone performance and cutting edge infrastructure. Our services are supported across the following platforms:


Elevate Foster Solutions India has a share expertise in iconic development and can help your business leverage technology along all traverses of business and commerce with customer at solutions in record delivery time.


Sencha is a widely known JavaScript framework used for developing highly intuitive and innovative web applications for multi-channel consumption. With an influential IDE environment, Sencha facilitates the development process with main focus on design, work quality and ease of use. MVC architecture helps in creating a consistent and predictable user experience throughout the developed application. At Elevate Foster Solutions, we are the leading providers of mobile app development services developed on the Sencha platform.

React Native

Expert react native Elevate Foster Solutions developers are capable of developing and delivering high-quality JavaScript in React-based applications in the form of native apps to support your business digitally.


Titanium is an open-source cross-platform mobile application development framework based on the magic trio- JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. One of the most sought after frameworks, Titanium is widely used for the development of high-performance native mobile as well as desktop web apps. . At Elevate Foster Solutions, we are domain experts in Titanium and have successfully delivered solutions developed on Titanium mobile app development services platform to our clients across the globe.


PhoneGap is an emerging open-source mobile application development platform best suited for cross-platform compliant mobile applications. Developed by Apache Software Foundation, PhoneGap is also known as Apache Cordova. Applications developed on PhoneGap deliver seamless performance across all mobile operating systems including Android, Blackberry, iPhone, etc. . At Elevate Foster Solutions, we are pioneers of mobile solutions developed on the PhoneGap platform.


The experience backs the expertise of Elevate Foster Solutions developers in Xamarin enables us to offer compelling cross-platform mobile application development services for all verticals of business and commerce in all fields.

As a mobile app development services based out of India, we have excess to the best and talented professionals in mobile application development from across the globe. This helps us deliver huge cost benefits and domain expertise to our clients. Elevate Foster Solutions is a leading provider of mobile app development services and brings commitment, best-in-class infrastructure and industry-leading knowledge and experience to the table.

Come and partner with us to live the experience and turn your ideas into industry-leading mobile applications.

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