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Enterprise Zend application development services has caught a trend across industries. The wave of smart phone penetration and widespread use of internet has opened doors to lots of opportunities. Technology has undoubtedly led this battle! As businesses across the world are going places to interact with their customers, technology is driving the process with all mettle. As customers embrace online models over offline medium in their hunch for convenience, businesses are increasingly flocking to digital channels with technology aiding them in all ways.

This calls for having a responsive and interactive website and web application. Customers are increasingly demanding personalized services. This also calls for web applications to be dynamic with great user interface design to capture attention.

PHP has emerged as a preferred coding language. Not only does it help build custom web applications, its aids the developer community with a comprehensive set of useful features.

Why PHP Development?

PHP frameworks allow rapid application development by streamlining the development process. Not only does it make writing code and more intuitive, it also eliminates all kinds of repetitive process. The developed application can be tested quickly. By eliminating vulnerabilities that may creep up during development, PHP frameworks offer enhanced security. PHP developers also get access to a large number of online forums and communities to address their queries, fix bugs while also learn and share ideas and projects.

The trick lies in choosing the right PHP framework for getting your code written. Zend offers one such framework.

What is Zend?

One of the most top rated PHP Frameworks, Zend is an open source framework for web application development. It is widely known to be an amalgam of object-centric component libraries and open source licenses. Extremely powerful in architecture, it is based on MVC design and implemented with PHP 5 and later versions with 100% object oriented code. Zend is a Bossie award winning framework from the producer of PHP runtime. It facilitates development of completely secured and scalable web applications. Utilizing the concepts of loose coupling, unit testing and UI design patterns; Zend offers a bunch of internally built technologies along with some awesome features. Zend is way faster than core PHP due to its fluent interfaces, abstract classes and its libraries and well-tested code.

Zend is highly extendable and hence, provides scale and flexibility to businesses across platforms. It is capable of performing a plethora of functions ranging from session management to authentication and creating APIs.

Features of Zend Framework Application Development

  • Reduced interdependencies achieved with loosely coupled libraries
  • 100% object oriented with PHP5 components
  • Holistic support across multiple backend like memory and file system
  • Supports impressive PHP-based templates
  • Provisions for composing email and email delivery
  • Internally built rich library
  • Highly Extensible MVC implementation
  • Fully supports platforms like MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server etc.

Advantages of Zend Framework Application Development

With its comprehensive set of advanced features, Zend offers a plethora of benefits to business users as well as developers. The list is as under:

  • Provides fluent interfaces and abstract classes
  • Provisions for future expansion
  • Provides libraries and other support to facilitate rapid web development
  • Offers a platform which is easy to develop and improve
  • Built-in library functions offers maximum PHP support
  • Includes Oracle and MySQL database features
  • Completely object oriented- requires less lines of code
  • Offers a rich library for frequent usage in applications
  • Completely extensible with a well-tested code
  • Offers a very flexible architecture
  • It does not need any configuration files to keep it running- very easy to maintain and operate
  • Highly cost-effective solution
  • Zend is strong, secure and reliable

At Elevate Foster Solutions, we host a team of talented Zend development services/ developers adept in developing interactive applications that help your business grow exponentially. Our developers are experienced and trained in building customized applications across industries such as retail, hospitality, medicine, transport, shipping, oil and gas, manufacturing etc. Some of our successful projects include development of Admin Module, Front End Website, Payment Gateway, SaaS,Database, Customizable Campaigns, SMS Gateway, Open Source Development etc. using Zend. Our Zend Framework developers manage the whole development process from the conception to the completion of the project including bug fixing, testing and uploading of the application. Our portfolio of Zend Development Services includes:

  • Custom Zend Development
  • Zend Framework Development
  • Zend Application Development
  • Rich Internet Applications (RIA)
  • Zend Customization
  • Zend Framework Consulting
  • Zend Framework Customization
  • Zend Integration Service
  • Enterprise Zend Development
  • Zend Website Upgradation
  • Maintenance & Support

At Elevate Foster Solutions, we provide Zend development services to clients across the globe at reasonable prices. Our project managers and certified developers work round the clock to understand client requirements and suggest the best possible solution. This solution is developed with quality assurance and delivered to the client with expected timelines. We have years of experience in delivering successful projects on Zend across industries. For us, our customers are at the forefront of doing business.

Come and partner with Elevate Foster Solutions to experience the difference!

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